Easy peasy Washington DC


If you’re like me, your idea of the US capital is an uninspired collage of eagle icons and unsmiling men in suits. My research was obviously limited. Instead of a general lack of cheer we were greeted by cherry blossoms. Not real trees unfortunately. It was autumn. But cherry blossoms were everywhere, printed on souvenirs, shirts, chocolates, brochures. Apparently Washington DC even has a festival for it in the spring. The juxtaposition of the city’s government-ness and something so sweet like sakura blew my mind. It didn’t take long before I found myself endeared by DC.

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Golden state days

In my memory California will forever be associated with bus rides, margaritas, the sound of sirens, treating pedestrian signals as guidelines, giant bell peppers, Jeopardy, billboards that read Cannabis means business, bare living rooms, and the friends who babysit us the entire time.

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Muir Woods

Last day in San Francisco! While having breakfast that morning, my mom, Tita Georgia, and I agreed that we felt like we’ve been staying here for a longer time. It didn’t feel like a weekend at all. We planned to hit the highway back to Los Angeles by noon, and so we headed off early morning to visit Muir Woods, the park that we didn’t get to enter yesterday because of parking reservation requirements. The view on the way there, with the sun and the fresh, slightly foggy air and the trees beside the winding road, it was just a beautiful sight to see.

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And the sun shines on the bay

The long drive from LA to San Francisco took its toll on us the next morning. We were supposed to go early to this redwood forest park, Muir Woods, but we woke up two hours later than planned. It was better this way though. The long sleep completely recharged us, especially Tita Georgia, and we took our time with the free breakfast and coffee. I’m not a big fan of americano back home, still not a big fan of americano here, but caffeine for a busy day is essential.

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Into the Fog City

In the last five years I’ve been lucky (or spoiled) enough to have tagged along my mum to some of the world’s most famous cities like Paris and Rome. It filled my heart with so much joy and awe to walk in places full of history, beauty and an unavoidable romanticism. It pained me to say goodbye and leave. But so far no other city has given me that distinct, I-let-my-heart-here feeling more than San Francisco.

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